Tree Planting & Reforestation Volunteer Program

Help restore rainforests! This project assist communities throughout the Western Cameroon Highlands with the design, establishment and management of tree nurseries, tree planting programmes and reforestation activities.

Help Save the Endangered Samango Monkey

Habitat loss and fragmentation is the greatest threat to primate populations worldwide.

Conservation Interns/Volunteers are needed for a Samango monkey research and conservation project based in the Midlands, Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa.

Desert Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project

Join an award winning volunteering project tracking desert elephants and working on a community construction program in Damaraland.

Volunteer at an African elephant sanctuary

Learn all about Africa’s most majestic mammal at a local elephant sanctuary. Gain hands on experience of a variety of scientific research methods. Increase your knowledge of fundamental scientific principles. Educate local children about the wonders of the natural world.

Wilderness Conservation & Wildlife Research

Enjoy world class wildlife viewing, complete reserve management projects, monitoring and research on a benchmark wilderness reserve in South Africa.

Volunteer at a Wildlife Reserve in Botswana

Situated approximately 15km south of Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, this Nature Reserve is home to a variety of mammals including some rare and endangered species and a diverse array of reptile, amphibian and bird species.

Tropical Butterfly Surveys and Conservation in the Rainforest

Don’t miss this rare opportunity and immerse yourself in a tropical paradise where hundreds of exotic butterflies dance in the sunlight.

Seychelles Island Conservation Expedition

Are you looking to learn more about conservation, contribute to a meaningful project and want to spend some time in an unspoiled island paradise? You don’t have to look any further!

Wild African Animal Tracking Course

Learn and practice trailing animals, interpret mammal and bird alarm calls and assess the age of tracks. All learning takes place in the field using field-guides, photographs and presentations to supplement practical training.

Primate Rescue in a Tropical Beach Paradise

Are you interested in joining an animal rescue and conservation organisation focusing on the colobus monkeys and address the threats to their survival? The centre works in partnership with local communities to promote the conservation of the colobus and other endemic primate species, and the unique coastal forest habitat on which they depend.

Marine Research Volunteer & Diving Experience

Experience idyllic beaches and amazing marine life in one of the most beautiful regions of Mozambique!

You couldn’t hope for a more stunning location to volunteer than Guinjata Bay. In your down time you can enjoy lazing under coconut trees and feeling the sand between your toes!

Working with wildlife and underprivileged children

Would you like to get hands-on experience with injured and orphaned wild animals whilst educating local underprivileged children, giving both of them a brighter future?

Wildlife Rescue & Animal Caretaking at a Wildlife Centre

This Wildlife Centre is looking for dedicated and passionate volunteers for their busy wildlife rehab program. Join this exiting opportunity and gain professional skills in wildlife care and management.

Saving Cross River Gorillas and Chimpanzees

Volunteer in the Highland Rainforests of South West Cameroon. Spend two or more weeks volunteering on conservation projects saving these great apes from extinction. Students receive 20% discount!

African Field Guide Level 1 Course

This FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) accredited course – field Guide Level 1 (NQF2) – is for anyone intending on becoming a Field Guide or following a slightly different career within the South African wildlife industry. You will constantly be exposed to the African bush and be submerged into nature for every minutes of this 55 day programme.

Professional African Field Guide Course

If you intend to become a Field Guide or pursue any other career in this field, as a FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) certificate is essential, then this is the course for you.  The 55 day course covers a broad spectrum of subjects both out in the field and in the through daily lectures.  You will be continually on a learning experience exposed to the African bush and being submerged in nature.

African Trails Guide Course

Explore the wilderness of the majestic Makuleke concession in the famed Kruger National Park or Mashatu Reserve in the Northern Tuli – Botswana.

Wildlife Conservation Training

The Wildlife Conservation Training Program is focused on giving students and volunteers the experience necessary to be able to work on a wildlife reserve while making an active difference in the future of key African species. Students are exposed to the daily running of reserve projects and will assist in conservation initiatives set out by the game reserve.

Conservation Action in Forest & Coastal habitats

Experience the unique forest and natural habitats of the famous Garden Route, South Africa’s favourite destination. Work along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and learn about conservation and ecological principles.

Elephant Research at Orphan Release Site

As a research volunteer your main task will be helping us study the elephants in the release herd through our Behavioural Observational Study. This helps us detect potential medical issues, as well as teaching us about their relationships and interactions between each other. You will be joining the elephants out in the bush every day – many volunteers in the past have described their time out there as magical!

Elephant Orphanage and Community Outreach

This project in Zambia takes a holistic approach to conservation. We believe that sustainable and long-term conservation can only succeed if people in general, but especially those living around protected areas, realise the benefits of conservation and are fully involved in the conservation efforts.

Elephant Conservation and Community Outreach

A 3-week venture into the amazing Kafue National Park in Zambia gathering information on fauna and flora using various techniques, teach conservation education at the local school and work with the empowerment of women’s groups.

Orphan Elephant Adoption Media & Marketing

As a Media & Marketing Volunteer you will receive elephant ID training to help identify each elephant, and spend time out in the bush every day photographing and recording magical moments with the elephants, as well as photographing the staff and surroundings.

Gorilla Conservation in Deng-Deng National Park

This programme on great apes provides participants with the rare opportunity to contribute toward enhancing the conservation of the endangered western lowland gorillas in Deng-Deng National Park, East region of Cameroon.

Capacity Building and Education in Mengame Gorilla Sanctuary

This programme focusing on capacity building and education provides participants with the rare opportunity to contribute toward enhancing the conservation of critically endangered Western lowland gorillas in the Mengame Gorilla Sanctuary.

Rhino & Lion Relocation

As part of our Rhino Expansion & Risk Reduction Project and Lion Watch Project we plan to move a number of Rhino to an interim reserve, as well as relocate a number of our rescued Lions to their new semi-wild habitats.

This unique and exciting experience is one not to miss!

Rhino Poaching Awareness in South Africa

Travel to the African savannah to participate in rhino poaching awareness efforts and wildlife research studies.