Tropical Butterfly Surveys in the Guinean forests of West Africa 




15-30 Days




Don’t miss this rare opportunity and immerse yourself in a tropical paradise where hundreds of exotic butterflies dance in the sunlight. Volunteer and save butterflies and their habitat.


Butterflies are magical creatures, found in many colours and sizes. In Cameroon there are about 1593 butterfly species, 110 of which are endemic. The Lebialem Highlands of south west Cameroon are a butterfly hotspot, with the largest and most beautiful and rare species. As you enter the rainforest, you’re instantly immersed, surrounded by these beautiful winged creatures and the lush vegetation that is their natural habitat.

The butterfly plays an important role in ecosystems, acting as a pollinator, contributing to biodiversity and an indicator of the ecosystem’s well being. Volunteering on this project will lead you to participate in butterflies surveys and census in unique rainforest areas which have never been surveyed before.

You will spend nights in the rainforest and your days identifying butterfly species. The data you collect will be used to design the first checklist of butterflies of the Lebialem highlands and a conservation programme that protects crucial butterfly habitats.

Field conditions

You will stay in local hostels while in town and in bushcamps in the field. The local conditions are very basic. Some of the projects areas are relatively flat, others have steep slopes. Temperatures and humidity can be high. The expedition will involve camping in two man tents. There will be no electricity. Meals will be provided two times a day while in the field.


2 Weeks $1,500.00
4 Weeks $2,480.00


  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Porter
  • Field guide
  • Stakeholder development fee
  • Administration cost


  • Air fares
  • Soft drinks and beers
  • Extra activities
  • Dinners while in towns
  • Overnight accommodation on arrival to Cameroon




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