The African Conservation Foundation works to protect Africa’s endangered wildlife and their habitats, by tackling the root causes of biodiversity loss. Founded in 1999, ACF is the first organisation focusing on partnering with and building the capacity of grassroots conservation efforts in the region.

Our Mission

Our overall mission is to protect Africa’s endangered wildlife and their habitats. We aim to change the approach of the management and utilization of natural resources to one in which the needs of human development in the region are reconciled with biodiversity conservation.

Our Vision

ACF envisions Africa as a continent with large wilderness areas, with core conservation zones and native, abundant wildlife. This requires the active involvement of communities whose lives and livelihoods are linked to the natural ecosystems we seek to sustainably protect.

Our work supports the following Sustainable Development Goals

Our Approach

ACF’s goal is to support and link African conservation initiatives, groups and NGOs, with the aim of strengthening their capacity, building partnerships and promoting effective communication and co-ordination of conservation efforts. We build local capacity for long term sustainability of projects. We train young African conservationists and provide technical assistance to particularly grassroots organisations in Africa.

Our work is organised around 6 specific objectives

Field Conservation

Developing, conducting and assisting on-the-ground wildlife and habitat conservation projects throughout Africa.

Capacity Building

Providing training, support and technical assistance for conservation groups and NGOs, particularly grassroots, in Africa.


Linking conservation initiatives across the continent, and strengthening the networking capacities of research and conservation groups and NGOs

Community Development

Working together with local communities to increase their capacity to develop sustainable livelihood options that reduce poverty and conserve biodiversity.

Conservation Education

Educating schoolchildren, training teachers, and serving as an educational resource centre for the general public, both within and outside of Africa.


Monitoring and research of Africa’s endangered species and their habitats using innovative technologies such as GPS, P3DM, camera traps and satellite data.


“I am greatly encouraged by the work of the African Conservation Foundation for they are motivated by the idea that nature and our environment are an essential gift that we need to protect for future generations. After all, what would life be without a clean, healthy and sustainable environment?”.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

International Membership

ACF is member of a number of international  partnerships and alliances for biodiversity conservation.

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