Gorilla Conservation in Deng Deng National Park




15-30 Days




  • Help protect endangered Western lowland gorillas and other wildlife
  • Training on data collection
  • Assisting with great apes surveys
  • Configuring and setting camera traps
  • Environmental education activities in schools and communities
  • Meeting the friendly chiefs and people of Cameroon
  • Living and working in a pristine nature area


Join our unique volunteer programme centered around great apes for an unforgettable adventure! Nestled in the heart of Deng-Deng National Park, Cameroon’s East region, you’ll safeguard endangered western lowland gorillas. Immerse yourself in their rainforest habitat during gorilla surveys, and make a lasting impact on nearby communities through conservation education. Your journey will forge a path towards a sustainable future for both people and wildlife.

Field conditions

Volunteers will be staying in our tented camp. Usually each volunteer gets their own tent but might have to share if the need arises. The camp is basic but well established. We employ staff at the camps in various capacities, including for security, so the camps are never unattended.

As we are in the African rainforest there is always the possibility of encountering wildlife, both big or small. On arrival all volunteers are given clear safety briefings to minimise any dangers.

In communities, you won’t find water system toilets, or shower baths. There are only pit toilets in the communities. You will have your bath in a stream or in the local hotel using a bucket.

In the forest, you will sleep in tents using (inflatable) mats. There are no toilets so you will use boreholes which you will dig yourself and cover up after usage. In the forest, bathing and all other washing and cleaning is done in the stream (please bring biodegradable soap only).


You meals will consist of local traditional dishes, prepared with rice, pasta, beans, potatoes, yams or plantains. In the forest, we will cook our own meals and perishable foods will not be best in the field, therefore we usually stick to simple food such as rice, pasta, chips, biscuits, cakes etc. You can treat the stream/spring water with water purifying tablets/drops before consumption.


There is no electricity in the communities and at night you will use bush lamps or flash lights, in the communities and at the campsites.


We offer a flexible participation fee for the Deng Deng National Park great apes conservation project, which is based on the duration of your stay. This fee not only covers the essential expenses during your time as a volunteer but also includes a meaningful contribution towards supporting the project’s valuable initiatives. Your participation will truly make a positive impact on the conservation efforts for these magnificent great apes.

2 weeks volunteering = $1,980

4 weeks volunteering = $2,870


  • Pick up from the airport and drop off after expedition
  • 4 nights lodging in a hotel (2 nights on arrival and 2 on departure)
  • Food and water
  • Guides and porters
  • Transport from towns to project sites and back
  • Local transport within towns
  • Local communication sim card


  • International Flights
  • Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Inoculations and Medication
  • Visa (can range in price from $100-$120 US)
  • Occasional meal out in town (ranging from $4-12)


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Excited to join this project? Share your preferred dates, interests, and any specific needs with us!