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Welcome to the African Conservation Foundation, where we actively engage in on-the-ground wildlife and habitat conservation and restoration projects. For over two decades, we have collaborated with community groups and NGOs, fostering partnerships to drive impactful change. Together, we are developing sustainable livelihood options that reduce poverty and conserve biodiversity.

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300Gorillas: United by Nature

We are collaborating with WE ARE META to launch an exclusive NFT series and establish a gated conservation community with the aim of raising £1.6 million to protect the Cross River Gorilla, the rarest great ape in the world.

How many are left in the wild?

Africa’s Endangered Wildlife



Black Rhino

Cross River Gorillas


I am greatly encouraged by the work of the African Conservation Foundation for they are motivated by the idea that nature and our environment are an essential gift that we need to protect for future generations. After all, what would life be without a clean, healthy and sustainable environment?

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

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