Saving Cross River Gorillas From Extinction

The Cross River Gorilla, with fewer than 300 individuals estimated to exist in the wild, is the most endangered of the gorilla subspecies, and is listed by the IUCN as Critically Endangered.

This is the highest ranking for species that remain in the wild, and means that the population has decreased by 80% within three generations.

The main goal of the Cross River Gorilla Conservation Programme is to provide long term security to the populations of Cross River gorillas and Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees living in the same area and implement a community based management strategy.




South West Cameroon


Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli)


Great apes conservation
Rainforest conservation
Community development
Conservation education

Sustainable Development Goals


The Cross River Gorilla is one of the 25 most endangered primates worldwide. The continued fragmentation of Cross River Gorilla habitat across a large, complex area, together with the threat from hunting and the small number of gorillas remaining, has led to its critically endangered status.


The programme focuses on four key objectives:

1. Establishing new great ape reserves to conserve the Cross River gorillas and Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees subpopulations;

2. Deliver an effective conservation education strategy;

3. Support the development of sustainable livelihoods and economic development initiatives;

4. Support the monitoring of the great apes subpopulations in the main forest areas.


Our successes since 2004 include the creation and management of Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary and we are currently developing a rainforest corridor of 64,000 ha including the establishment of bio-monitoring and forest surveillance activities to protect great apes.

The program also supports  sustainable livelihoods and economic development initiatives of local communities and recruitment of local rangers.

Environmental education and awareness raising are crucial elements in this work.

With 250-300 individuals remaining, Cross River Gorillas are the world’s rarest great apes.

Your help is urgently needed. Please donate today and help create new protected areas for the Cross River Gorillas in South West Cameroon!

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