300Gorillas is building the first platform that will save critically endangered species with the help of NFTs. This is achieved by gathering unique artwork, minting them on the blockchain, and leveraging the power of community.


Join 300Gorillas to save the Cross River Gorilla using NFTs. Our NFT series funds the creation of protected areas and rainforest corridors, advancing wildlife conservation. Help us create a sustainable future for all species, one NFT at a time.


Our NFT collection unites wildlife enthusiasts to save Africa’s most endangered great ape. Beyond fundraising, it brings together a global conservation community for lasting impact. Join us in this vital mission.

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Gain access to unlockable content and token-gated Discord channels with each NFT. Help achieve our conservation roadmap goals. Purchase one of our 8,001 unique digital art pieces inspired by the Cross River Gorillas, Painted Dogs, and Okapi today.

300Gorillas is a community-driven conservation program that saves Cross River gorillas and their habitats. Our efforts protect other endangered species and create new protected areas. Using blockchain, we aim to track great apes and their contribution to carbon sequestration in rainforests.

How we protect Cross River Gorillas

Habitat Conservation

Protecting and restoring great ape habitats, particularly in protected areas and communal lands, are crucial for the survival of the species.

Community Involvement

We engage local communities in conservation efforts, create jobs and provide incentives for them to participate.


We protect great apes from poaching by deploying patrols and surveillance, and collaborating with local communities and law enforcement.

Scientific Research

We conduct scientific research to better understand the behavior and ecology of Cross River gorillas and their habitat requirements.

Conservation Education

We increase awareness about the importance of conservation of Cross River gorillas and their habitat, as well as the threats they face.

Community-building is what powers our mission

Be part of an incredible #NFT Community to bring about ecological and social impact. Owning an NFT gives you access to our community. This offers unique benefits, like access to Discord, participating in online meetings, importantly decision-making powers, but also the right to participate in office meetings (in or outside of Cameroon/Africa), and receive updates and interviews with project staff, rangers, and community

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300Gorillas is a collection of unique NFTs — digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Beyond their intrinsic value, Cross River gorillas are essential to the survival of rainforests. They play a crucial role in maintaining the biodiversity of their forest habitats by dispersing the seeds of the trees they eat and creating gaps in the forest through foraging and migration. These gaps allow light to penetrate the forest, enabling light-loving plants to grow.

The loss of these ecological services provided by large-bodied seed dispersers can have significant impacts on the forests. Without gorillas, the population dynamics of plants in the forest would be strongly impacted due to dispersal limitations. In the long term, this could lead to a shift in plant community structure and composition, as well as a reduction in tree diversity. Saving the rainforest without protecting gorillas would result in the gradual demise of the forest.

In addition to their role in maintaining forest biodiversity, gorillas are also an umbrella species. By protecting them, we are protecting other species and their habitat, thereby conserving biodiversity on a much larger scale.

Lastly, gorillas contribute significantly to natural carbon capture by trees, helping to fight climate change. The world’s forests act as a natural trap for carbon emissions, absorbing approximately 4.8 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Protecting Cross River gorillas, therefore, has a far-reaching impact beyond their individual conservation, making them a key species to conserve for the health of our planet.

The environmental impact of this project is almost negligible following the Ethereum merge, resulting in a 99.99% reduction from 2022 onwards. Additionally, this project’s core objective is to restore and conserve forests, and any contribution to CO2 emissions will be offset by planting trees that will grow safely for many years and will capture greenhouse gases for centuries to come.

As a charity, our founders have always been committed to using the latest innovative technologies to advance conservation, including Blockchain monitoring and reporting systems for ecosystem restoration and conservation. Ultimately, NFTs offer us the opportunity to develop a conservation community, which are seen not only as donors but as partners, by making token gated communities.

NFTs also reward donors with a unique piece of digital art for donating, and finally we hope that the NFT series holds long term value and therefore the revenue generation goes beyond the initial sale. Each time an NFT is resold, a percentage of the sale price will be donated directly to our conservation efforts.

By incentivising resellers to contribute to conservation, NFT projects can create a sustainable source of funding that can be used to support critical conservation initiatives for endangered species in Africa and beyond. With the increasing popularity of NFTs, commissions from reselling can be a powerful way to create a positive impact on the environment while also building a vibrant and engaged community of NFT collectors and conservationists.