Restoring the Wild: Upemba National Park’s Journey to Recovery Captured in Inspiring New Film

Upemba National Park, 05 June 2023 – Commemorating World Environment Day 2023, the Forgotten Parks Foundation and ReWild Africa proudly present “Restoring the Wild,” a captivating film that chronicles the ongoing efforts to restore Upemba National Park, one of Earth’s most threatened and biodiverse places. Co-directed by Carter Kirilenko and Justin Sullivan, this extraordinary documentary showcases the inspiring work of Major Fils and his dedicated team of rangers as they fight to revive the once-rich megafauna population of this forgotten landscape in the southeastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Upemba National Park stands as the largest national park in Katanga Province. Once teeming with majestic elephants, graceful zebras, and elegant impala numbering in the tens of thousands, Upemba has experienced a dramatic decline in biodiversity in recent years due to rampant illegal mining and poaching. However, hope remains, and “Restoring the Wild” captures the beginning of a powerful journey to tell the story of reclaiming nature’s lost glory.

In 2022, the team embarked on a remarkable assignment in Upemba, capturing the essence of the restoration process. Now, they are set to venture even deeper into the remote and inaccessible corners of the park to expand on this narrative. We invite you to join them in this adventure as they shine a light on the tireless efforts undertaken by Major Fils and his team to breathe new life into Upemba’s struggling ecosystem.

Forgotten parks like Upemba are not just lost spaces—they are critical components of our planet’s delicate balance. By building a global community that values and protects these natural treasures, we can make a significant impact on conservation efforts worldwide.

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“Restoring the Wild” Credits:
Director: Carter Kirilenko
Producers: Carter Kirilenko, Sam Chevallier, Liam Kelly
Cinematographer: Justin Sullivan
Editor: Alessandra Squarzon and Carter Kirilenko
Production Company: ReWild Africa

Join the movement for environmental preservation and support the restoration of Upemba National Park.

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