Akashinga or The Brave Ones

Akashinga, the Brave Ones, an all female anti-poaching ranger unit in Zimbabwe

Akashinga or The Brave Ones, is a conservation anti-poaching unit founded on the principles of women’s empowerment as the main driver for social, economic and environmental change. Despite their worldly anti-poaching popularity, what makes Akashinga tilt the scale of Zimbabwe’s perceived gender roles, to bravely defeat poachers and bravely face their own cultural values?

The Black Sheep Fourteenth Installment traces the lives, conversations, diet, military drills, patrols and commentary that shapes The Akashinga. Through a fly on the wall approach, which spanned a two day process, Cristina Karrer with the coordination of Bruce Mabuya, examine the area of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools, Phundundu, to give a unique view into both the private and public sphere of The Brave Ones.

Anti-Poaching Activist, Director of the Conservation Guardian and Founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), Damien Mander, provides commentary explaining 1) the landscape of wildlife poaching within Africa 2) the upbringing of The Akashinga to combat poaching and 3) women as the driving force for dominant social, economic and environmental change. While Sergeant Nyaradzo Hoto provides commentary explicating 1) her private journey in becoming a ranger 2) women rangers as teachers as opposed to aggressors and 3) her passionate dream to eliminate poaching in Zimbabwe.

The Black Sheep Fourteenth Installment, Brave (2022), captures the heart of women in both a public and private fight, bearing resonance to the statement by Damien Mander that “empowering women is the single greatest force for positive change within the world today”.

Press release provided by The Black Sheep Consortium
Production Credits:
Director / Cristina Karrer
Producer and Coordinator / Bruce Mabuya
Head Journalist and Interviewer / Cristina Karrer
Cinematographer and Camera Operator / Cristina Karrer
Assistant Camera Operator / Bruce Mabuya
Drone Operator / Cristina Karrer
Editor / A.L.V
Sound Engineering and Design / A.L.V
Commentary /
Judith Sataya
Tracy Makani
Damien Mander
Nyaradzo Hoto
Distributor / The Black Sheep Consortium

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