Conservation MBA Program Full Funding Opportunity at the African Leadership University

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC), part of the African Leadership University (ALU), is a platform for emerging leaders with interests in conservation to get cutting edge leadership training to learn to lead effectively and manage Africa’s unique natural assets for sustainable and inclusive human benefit.

SOWC aims at developing the next generation of conservation leaders who see economic value in conservation activities. An MBA program has been developed which equips professionals with 21st-century leadership skills relevant to the continent and a network of emerging leaders. The school are looking for people who have a drive to lead change for our natural biodiversity heritage to benefit local communities and boost national economies in Africa. For this 2020 campaign, there are full scholarship spots worth more than $30,000 +flight tickets and other related costs, available mostly for West African students but also to other African candidates.

The MBA for Conservation Leaders is a rigorous 20 month programme which combines world-class business education with cutting-edge training in leadership and pressing conservation issues, to prepare graduates for the next level of their careers. The programme features curriculum developed by ALU School of Business Wharton online. It concludes with a practical ‘capstone project’ for managers to apply their new skills to real problems in their organizations. Participants will graduate with world-class skills needed to manage projects and protected areas like businesses and get plugged into a high-calibre pan-African network.

Great opportunities exist at the School of Wildlife Conservation for professionals looking to make the next leadership jump in their career. The criteria of eligibility are as follow:
– Currently in an organisation or a relevant department of an organisation that manages, conserves, impacts or depends on biodiversity (community-conservation, ecotourism, fishing, agriculture, mining, extractive industries, oil and gas etc.).
– Have at least 5 years, post-graduate work experience with demonstrated career progression.
– Some management experience, with strong leadership potential.
– Must have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent.

This MBA program in conservation is run in partnership with the ALU School of Business, and admissions are open for the October intake. The deadline for our second round of selection is June 22nd but there will be a third round of selection and August 3rd is the deadline for that one.

Who is it for?

The MBA for Conservation Leaders is designed for emerging leaders in sectors that manage, depend or impact on wildlife and natural landscapes. Candidates from the following sub-sectors are especially encouraged to apply:

  • Community-based conservation
  • Responsible use including ecotourism, ranching, hunting, fishing
  • Agriculture, mining, and other extractive activities

For francophone applicants, please note that that ALU is an English-speaking institution and the MBA program  is entirely in English. Therefore, an intermediary level in speaking, reading and writing is required in order to qualify.


To learn more about the School of Wildlife Conservation, please feel free to visit

You can learn more about the program here and about the application process here.

Interested candidates can register their interest using this link:



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