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40 days





Get lectures from a diverse range of highly experienced EcoTraining instructors who are specialists in various fields within nature and wildlife.

Embark on an extensive introduction to field guiding with our eight-week FGASA online course. This program encompasses all 17 Field Guide modules, providing theory reviews, workbook assistance, and theory assessments. Led by EcoTraining’s proficient instructors, the course features live interactive lectures enriched with videos, graphics, and quizzes. Topics span a wide array, from ecology and animal behavior to conservation management and beyond.

Graduation & Certificates

For the online Field Guide course, we will register students with FGASA. Students need not arrange this themselves before joining the online course.

After successful completion of the online course and theory exam, students will have achieved the FGASA theory component of the Apprentice Field Guide course. Participants will have the opportunity to write FGASA theory exams online. The pass mark for the FGASA theory exam is 75%

  1. FGASA Nature Enthusiast certificate
  2. Certificate of Participation on the e-learning course
  3. Recognition of completed FGASA Apprentice Field Guide NQF2 theory component

Training Programme

A comprehensive introduction to Field Guiding. This 8-week online course covers all 17 FGASA Apprentice Guide modules, including theory reviews, workbook support and theory assessments. Experienced instructors deliver the programme via live interactive lectures, which include videos, graphics and quizzes. The syllabus covers a broad spectrum of subjects including ecology, animal behaviour, conservation management and more.

Online participants will receive lectures from a diverse range of specialist instructors, which will include:

  • In-depth coverage of the specific module
  • Theory reviews
  • Live Q&A with the lecturer and other participants
  • Workbook support
  • Quizzes

Lectures will range between an hour and two hours, with a live Q & A to follow each lecture. Workbook support & theory reviews to be scheduled after each lecture.

Although this course forms the foundation for field guiding career (and many other wildlife orientated careers), it is equally suitable for those simply wanting to deepen their bush knowledge and skills.

Upon successful completion of the online component, participants will have the option to gain practical experience at one of our partner’s wilderness camps, at a discounted rate.


Rate per person US$525(depending on Rand exchange rate).

Please note: Registration closes 3 weeks before the starting date – no bookings will be accepted after the cut-off date to ensure the timeous processing of FGASA registration and receiving of Digital FGASA Manuals and workbook prior to the start of the course.

OPTIONAL Practical component
To complete the full FGASA Apprentice Guide qualification, you can sign up for the 35-day practical component of the course.


  • Live lectures
  • Theory Reviews
  • Assessments
  • Q&A sessions
  • FGASA registration, examination, training manuals and workbooks
  • Workbook support


  • NDT (formerly known as DEAT) registration
  • 35-day Practical component

Entry level requirements

  • Access to a stable connection to the internet or WiFi.
  • Participants need to be older than 18 years.
  • Basic understanding of English (write, read, and speak).



Not applicable.

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