Zimbabwe: ZNSPCA Makes the Year’s Second, Successful Pangolin Recovery

by May 16, 2012Wildlife News

The Zimbabwe National Society is pleased to report the successful recovery of a female Cape Pangolin (Manis temmincki) on 11th May 2012 from Mudamusasa in North Eastern Zimbabwe.

Initial reports indicate that individuals had procured the pangolin with the intention of re-selling it. The rescued pangolin was examined by ZNSPCA veterinarians and assessed as healthy.

Following instruction from The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority the pangolin was handed over to The Tikki Hywood Trust. This pangolin has now been fitted with a tracking device and released into a safe, wildlife area.

Earlier this year the Society made its first recovery of this species, being a juvenile confiscated from a Mozambican National along Zimbabwe’s north-eastern border. This young pangolin is currently under rehabilitation at the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe where it is recovering well.

ZNSPCA remains gravely concerned at the increasing number of specially protected species, such as pangolins, that are being poached within the country. By way of illustration and in an incident dating back to March of this year, game scouts in Sebungwe, North Western Zimbabwe, recovered from poachers the remains of a Cape Pangolin. The scales of the young male had been removed, reflecting the growing demand for exotic animal parts particularly by practitioners and proponents of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

The Cape Pangolin remains a specially protected species since 1975 under Zimbabwean Law and is also listed under CITES Appendix II.

Source: znspca.org.zw