Zebra NFTs raise funds for wildlife conservation in Africa

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Stoner Zebra is an NFT collection designed and built to directly help save endangered species through awareness and fundraising.

There will be a limited one-time mint of 9999 Stoner Zebras, algorithmically generated to include dozens of unique traits, some of which are extremely rare.

NFTs are the latest blockchain phenomenon to go mainstream. They are tokens that are used to represent ownership of unique items. NFTs transform digital works of art and other collectibles into verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain.

The Stoner Zebra NFT collection was created to increase awareness of critically endangered animals. The goal is to enable a more direct global participation in wildlife conservation, with a mix of funding and personal involvement. In that way, NFTs inspire and facilitate inclusive and collaborative practices.

Recently Crypto and NFTs have become popular in the Millennial age; they are a new tool to raise awareness, develop communities, and provide resources to wildlife conservation with the help of people worldwide.

Stoner Zebra NFTs

Source of inspiration for the Stoner Zebra NFTs is the Grevy’s zebra, is the largest living wild equid and the most threatened of the three species of zebra. They have have distinct black and white stripes and are well-adapted to arid grasslands and savannahs.  Grevy’s zebras play a vital role in maintaining these ecosystems. Their population has plummeted by 87% since the late 1970s (from 15,000 to 2,000).

The Grevy’s zebra’s habitat is overgrazed by cattle, which are competing for food and water, and their habitat is increasingly degraded. Recent severe and recurring droughts are also a considerable problem. This has a negative impact on annual offspring and survival rates

Stoner Zebra will donate future royalties and 20% of the sales from the NFTs to the African Conservation Foundation, one of the leading charities helping endangered animals on the African continent. By doing this, the Stoner Zebra project team hopes to make an impact and create a better environment for not just zebras but all endangered animals.

For more information, please visit stonerzebra.com and check out their road map!

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