Zambia: Two ZAWA officers killed in response to poachers at project supported by Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild

by Dec 7, 2011Wildlife News

Colchester Zoo has received tragic news from the Elephant Orphanage Project which their charity, Action for the Wild, supports. Sadly, two, incredibly brave, Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers have been killed after responding to yet another poaching incident where the project operates in Zambia which also resulted in an elephant being orphaned.

In this incident, the patrol team pursued a very sophisticated gang of poachers with two brave officers continuing to chase and engage the poachers after their team had been compromised by a snap ambush. The orphaned elephant has been named, Musolole in memory of one of the officers that died.

Prior to the long journey to the orphanage which Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild helps to fund, Musolole was taken to a mud bath, which gave him a real boost. He was then loaded onto a specially built crate filled with hay and mattresses to comfort him on the long 16 hour journey to the Lilayi game range.

Musolole is in a very vulnerable condition, showing signs of dehydration, malnourishment and subsequent loss in condition. The team are continuing to work extremely hard to help him recover from this tragic start to life.

The Elephant Orphanage Project really needs as much support as possible, if you can help Action for the Wild raise funds, please visit and help ensure that Colchester Zoo can continue to support this valuable project.