Zambia, Luambe National Park: Poacher shot to death — Scout houses attacked

by May 10, 2011Wildlife News

The pictures show what is left of the scout houses after the attack. The houses are destroyed, fittings and equipment burnt. Only a small part of last years crop could be rescued from the flames.

Luambe Scout houses attacked

The core activities of CCSC are the preservation and the management of the Luambe National Park in eastern Zambia since 2003.The project emphasizes on combating poaching activities through strict scout patrols, training and the provision of equipment.

This successful task has resulted in a strong increase of animal numbers in the Luambe National Park, which was poached bare in the years prior. 14 days ago a harsh setback occurred:

A scout patrol found two poachers in the Park and in the commotion one of the poachers was accidentally shot during a scuffle. The other poacher managed to escape.

Scout houses and Chipuka Gate attacked

In retaliation, the following night over 300 hundred villagers raided the scout accommodation in Chitungulu village and at the park entry gate, Chipuka. Amongst these men and women were members of the community, long suspected as poachers, that spurred on the rest of the mob.

The wives and children of the scouts managed to escape and hid in the National Park for three days.

The houses, three of which were built new at Chipuka Gate by CCSC last year, were heavily damaged and partly destroyed as all windows were smashed and buildings were set on fire. Clay buildings that are used

for childrens bedrooms, as kitchens and store rooms, were also damaged as well as a container used to store scout equipment. Bikes, crockery and maize (stored for the coming dry season) were also burnt.The attack was severe and personal. They even resulted in the destruction of a Land Rover a scout had worked hard to purchase by himself. The scouts were literally left with what they were wearing.

Scouts highly motivated

However, a positive outcome of this disaster is the resulting motivation of the scouts in a “right, now more than ever, serious anti-poaching patrol” approach. The 300 villagers involved only represent a small minority of the 11,000 strong population that did not get involved.

The scouts are prepared to work harder than ever to prove to the community that they will not be affected by this and want to act as an example for people to follow.

Main focus at the moment lies on the compensation of the lost maize to avoid a famine during the dry season.

CCSC wants to help

The scouts received strong praise for their actions by supporters of the park. However, replacement of all destroyed items is, unfortunately, beyond the financial capabilities of CCSC for 2011/2012.

Please help us to support the Scouts with the rebuilding and rehabilitation.


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more pictures and videos of the incident: > press release