World Rhino Day: Facts and Fiction about the Rhino Horn Trade

by Sep 20, 2012Conservation Threats, Rhino Poaching, Rhinos, Wildlife News

The use of rhino horn as a recreational drug or cancer treatment in Asia is based on myths, but has escalated exponentially over the last few years. As a result, rhino in Africa and Asia are brutally slaughtered in huge numbers for their horns. With prices able to fetch more than cocaine or gold, the trade is attracting the attention of organised crime and terrorist organisations alike. So whether you have a passion for rhinos or not, the trade could potentially still have an impact on all of our lives.

Rhino poaching is a symptom and the most effective way to tackle the problem is at the cause, which in this case is the demand for rhino horn. Stop the demand and the unlawful killing of rhinos will stop.

Creative director Anthony Roberts ( felt so strongly about this issue, that he wanted to do something to try to help. As with most issues, they do require money to be donated in order that good work can be carried out. But Anthony wanted to do more, by applying his skills to help create an awareness video that can be used by many organisations and individuals all working towards the same goal.

Working in collaboration with African Conservation Foundation, we created an animated clip about the rhino poaching crisis across Africa and Asia. We came up with a theme that had not been touched upon to any great extent previously.

The aim of this video is to convince the end user of the futility of their use of rhino horn and make them realise that they have been sold a myth, with no scientific basis, in order to fuel the trafficker’s greed. By default, if you can kill the demand, the poaching will stop.

With “World Rhino Day 2012” on 22 September, this is a great opportunity to get the word out, to gain maximum exposure to the international rhino poaching crisis.

We need your help to LIKE and SHARE this short film as widely as possible, to get across the message that rhino horn has ZERO proven medicinal value.


Version in Vietnamese:

Ngày Tê giác Thế giới: Thực và Hư về Buôn bán Sừng Tê giác

Đoạn phim về nạn săn trộm tê giác. Việc dùng sừng tê giác như một loại thuốc tiêu khiển hay phương thuốc chữa ung thư ở Châu Á có nguồn gốc từ những lời đồn đại. Kết quả là tê giác ở Châu Phi và Châu Á bị tàn sát dã man với số lượng lớn để lấy sừng. Việc buôn bán sừng tê giác là một triệu chứng. Chúng ta cần giải quyết tận gốc nguyên nhân của căn bệnh mà không chỉ xử lý các triệu chứng, và tìm ra các giải pháp lâu dài. Hãy chia sẻ đoạn phim này.