US, Namibia: Seal slaughter demonstrations at White House

by Jun 23, 2012Conservation Threats, Seals

On July 1, 2012 The Republic of Namibia will begin 139 days of barbaric wildlife carnage ~ the largest slaughter of marine wildlife in the world ~ separating over 90,000 baby Cape Fur Seals from their mothers ~ brutally stabbing & clubbing them to death ~ $7.00 a fur pelt. Over 6,000 Bull Seals will be shot in the head ~ for their penises ~ to be used as ineffective aphrodisiacs. Turkish citizen, Hatem Yavuz, “The Butcher of Namibia” has repeatedly encouraged specious and questionable government contracts to bloody the beaches of Namibia ~ year after year. Seals are murdered in the early morning hours ~ then cleaned for tourists.

Global activism and petitions beginning in 2011 have brought considerable awareness to this slaughter with Boycotts and Protests worldwide. Social Media is saturated with news of the slaughter this year ~ The Seals of Nam was organized early in 2012 ~ with membership now over 4,000.

Currently, Namibia receives $305 million from the U.S. MCC Fund (Millenium Challenge Corporation) while boasting Oil and Uranium reserves. Current global petitions are asking that the U.S. stand down on providing Namibia with further funds until this slaughter is stopped ~ permanently. To blithely, and largely for personal gain, disregard the status of wildlife that will soon be on the endangered species lists is unconscionable. This U.S. must step in and be proactive. The MCC is treading on taxpayer dollars.

The Demonstrations are expected to have an excellent turn out ~ Models will represent the anti fur slogan “I’d rather be Naked than Wear Fur” ~ and protestors will have banners ~ performance actors as well as media personalities will be present. Petitions will be delivered to Ambassador Andjaba at the Namibian Embassy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s offices and The White House.Washington D.C. Press Release 06.23.12 Namibian Fur Seal Protest ~ The White House & The Namibian Embassy ~ ALL Media Release to D.C. & NYC


11:00 a.m. The Namibian Embassy 2:00 p.m. THE WHITE HOUSE1605 New Hampshire Avenue Lafayette ParkNW Washington D.C.