Uganda Wildlife Centre Acquires New 16-month-old South Africa born leopard

by Mar 4, 2010Big Cats

ENTEBBE – The Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre (UWEC), formerly the zoo has acquired a young South African born male leopard.


On arrival at Entebbe International Airport, the baby leopard was joyously received by the centre officials, several environmentalists and other wildlife conservationists who swarmed the airport in the evening on Wednesday 31 March, 2010 to witness the arrival.

“This is a big boost to us and Uganda’s wildlife tourism. It adds a bonus to our enriching conservation programmes of the big cats in the country, and at the Wildlife Educational Centre more specifically,” the UWEC educational manager Mr. James Musinguzi said to the press.

Addressing the press, a vividly jolly Musinguzi said “Leopards are some of the endangered species of big cats in Uganda. Having a leopard is a big boost to our conservation education and tourism.”

The country has only 300 leopards hence the needs to conserve the animals for future generation’s benefit. Musinguzi noted in company of the centre’s veterinary doctor Noel Arinteireho.

On his part, Dr Arinteireho warned that the animal is to be reserved in quarantine for four months to enable proper vaccination.

“Being of a Panthera Pardus type, special attention is to be accorded to the animal and will involve feeding it, treating as well training conservation to look after it how to manage it.” Arinteireho emphasized

The animal was donated by South Africa to the Wildlife centre in an exchange programme between zoos and wildlife park areas aimed at boosting local Wildlife tourism; and it is the second time that the country is benefiting from the similar arrangement after last year UK’s Paradise Wildlife Park donating two lionesses to the centre.