Uganda: Number of Dead Hippos in National Park Hits 100

by Nov 3, 2010Wildlife News

Kampala — THE number of hippos that have died following an outbreak of anthrax in Queen Elizabeth National Park mid year has reached 100.

Dr. Patrick Atimnedi, a veterinarian, said the number of deaths had reduced with one or two hippos dying in two weeks.

“The deaths cannot stop abruptly, but with one or two hippos dying every two weeks, we do not expect to lose a significant number of them,” Atimnedi said.

He added that a survey undertaken to locate sick hippos in the park did not yield worrying results.

Atimnedi said they had advised fishermen in surrounding areas to monitor water bodies particularly Kazinga Channel for stray hippos.

The disease which is caused by bacteria presents with high fever, bleeding and eventually death.

Besides wildlife, the disease also affects livestock and human beings.

The public has, therefore, been advised to vaccinate cattle and not to eat hippo meat.