Uganda: Lubigi Wetland Faces Extinction

by May 27, 2010Wildlife News

Kampala — Lubigi Wetland, a critical water catchment area in Wakiso District is at the risk of getting destroyed due to increased human activities, environment experts have warned.


The wetland, which is home to at least 61 different bird species and a major collection point for water from Kampala, faces threats from deliberate reclamation, agricultural activities and plastic and polythene waste.

High degradation

“The mapping also showed that degradation at Lubigi wetland is at 42 per cent way above the national average of 30 per cent,” said Ms Sarah Kaweesa, the director of A Rocha Uganda, a Christian-based nature conservation NGO. “The wetland is threatened by the modification of papyrus swamp to other types of land use of which subsistence agriculture, dumping of non biodegradable wastes like plastic bottles and land filling is leading.”

Speaking during celebrations to mark World Earth Day in Kampala last week, Ms Kaweesa warned that if the rate of destruction continues, Lubigi wetland and its bird’s species will be no more by 2015.

Ms Kawesa said the newly constructed Northern By-pass has increased pressure on the wetland as developers seek to cash in on the road by constructing new developments along its route.

State Minister for Environment Jessica Eriyo said: “The ministry has acquired GPS machines for boundary demarcation of wetlands to overcome the problem of people claiming titles in the wetlands.”