Uganda: Animals Confiscated From Ssese Resort

by Sep 7, 2010Wildlife News

Kampala — A chimpanzee, two parrots, an ostrich and a rare type of antelope known as the sitatunga have been recovered from Ssese Islands.

The animals were got from Ssese Habitat Resort in Kalangala Town and taken to the Uganda Wildlife education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe. Jimmy Awany, a UWEC official, said the animals were confiscated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

“The chimp is still too scared of outsiders. He needs treatment on one of his hands, which was injured while he was being held captive, ” Awany said. The chimp that had been named Sadam by his captors, has been renamed Otim after one of the longest serving animal keepers at UWEC, Alex Otim.

The Wildlife Act prohibits keeping of wild animals without permission from UWA. While the wildlife body gives permits to those who intend to keep ostriches, sitatungas and parrots, keeping of endangered species such as chimpanzees is prohibited.

Over the years, UWA has been confiscating chimps from suspected animal traffickers. The recovered chimps are integrated into groups living at the wildlife centre or Ngamba Island on Lake Victoria.

Currently, Otim is being kept under quarantine and being rehabilitated. “He is doing well, feeding on porridge and milk,” said Awany. “In the coming weeks, he will be introduced to other chimps. “According to Awany, chimps are strong animals. To kill a baby chimp, poachers have to exterminate all group members because adults protect their colleagues from intrusion.