Uganda: 49 Poachers Surrender

by Feb 23, 2010Wildlife News

Kampala — Forty-nine poachers in Kabarole and Kasese districts have denounced the vice and handed over their poaching tools to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) officials.


In separate ceremonies held last week, the hunters handed over wire snares, metal traps, spears and pangas, which they were using to poach in Rwenzori Mountains National park.

In Kasese, 26 poachers were received at Bughalitsa Junior School in Rukoki sub-county while in Kabarole, 23 were received by the senior warden of Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Mr. Nelson Guma at Bukara Ranger Post in Kibiito sub-county.

“Nobody will arrest you because you have come out voluntarily. We shall work together and ensure that you find alternative livelihood,” Guma said.

He explained that the communities of Sura and Kazingo parishes in Kabarole had signed agreements with UWA on how to access resources in the national park, including using traditional paths within the national park.

Guma added that now that the Rwenzururu kingdom had been recognised, the Bakonzo would be allowed to visit their sacred sites of worship identified in the park.

The district councillor, Chris Mugisa, urged the Rwenzori Mountains National Park authorities to clearly demarcate the boundaries of the national park so that there are no more land conflicts between the park and the neighbouring communities.