Tanzania: Pact Signed to Conserve Wildlife

by Oct 5, 2011Wildlife News

Mara — The Serengeti District Council has signed a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with Singita Grumeti Reserves (SGR) to regulate all matters agreed between the two parties from the year 2002.

The main purpose of the agreement is to outline and identify areas of cooperation between the two parties in relation to the implementation of wildlife policy with particular focus on contributing to community development and wildlife conservation.

“Other purposes of the JVA are to set up a transparent administrative and binding framework for collaborative and participative efforts to implement the wildlife policy in relation to the wildlife protected areas within the Serengeti district,” said the managing director of Singita Grumeti Reserves Mr Graham Ledger at the signing ceremony here yesterday.

Sustainable Development

It is also aimed at creating unified and transparent revenue and benefit sharing schemes to help the local communities to enjoy the benefits derived from wildlife resources and to form a partnership and long term relationship that will recognize the value of wildlife resources to village communities.

A Joint Planning Committee will be formed under the Joint Venture Agreement through which the parties shall discuss, plan and agree to implement the objectives of the Agreement.

The committee shall cooperate to identify and prioritize community development programs and work towards a participative approach through which all members of the neighbouring communities within Serengeti District shall benefit from revenues derived from wildlife conservation.

Grumeti Reserves, through the joint planning committee shall contribute to the capacity building of the District Council to enhance its ability to deliver social services.