Tanzania: Ministry to Intensify Fight Against Poachers

by May 29, 2010Wildlife News

Arusha — The Ministry of Natural Resources ad Tourism has announced new program to fight the ever increasing poaching of animals in the national parks and game reserves.


The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Ms Shamsa Mwangunga told reporters at Seronera in Serengeti that new efforts would involve employing of personnel from the National Service and provide adequate equipment and working tools. The minister explained need to employ servicemen came as there was big shortage of anti-poaching scouts. Only two colleges trained anti-poachers nationwide.

Mwangunga who was speaking at the “reception’ of the Black Rhinos from South Africa said the servicemen would receive orientation and basic training on wildlife before enrolling them in anti-poaching activities.

She said Mweka Wildlife College and Pasiansi produced only a limited number of anti-poaching scouts leading to an impossible task of 108 square kilometres to one scout instead of only 25 square kilometres standard internationally accepted.

The minister said in addition to the new program the ministry runs special operations in the parks and game reserves and so far 100 poachers had been arrested.