South Africa: Unite Against Poaching

by Mar 20, 2012Wildlife News

Nobody ever thought that the battle against rhino poaching was going to be easy. However, when Unitrans VW and Audi took up the challenge, they knew that a mixed media advertising campaign could make the difference.

As it turns out, they were right. In just under five months, Unitrans VW & Audi has raised R2.7 mil. This has already been spent on, amongst other projects, providing critical bush survival equipment for the 400 rangers within the Kruger National Park, establishing a dog tracking unit and electronic tracking and surveillance equipment to monitor the movement of rhinos.

The aim is to help raise R5 million within the first year of this campaign towards counter-poaching initiatives within the South African National Parks (SANP).

The campaign is supported by Linda Joyce, Marketing Systems Administration at Unitrans VW & Audi. “Awareness of the rhino poaching crisis is of paramount importance, now more than ever before with the poaching figures spiralling out of control. Within the first two months of 2012, the total number of incidents is already at 118. We need all of South Africa to Unite against poaching,” says Linda.

The mixed-media campaign was developed by Integrated Marketing Solutions in partnership with ADreach. The media mix included Street Pole Ads (JHB, Ekurhuleni, North West & Natal), supported by radio advertising (702, Cape Talk, OFM & East Coast Radio), with a call-to-action sms mechanism, running for 12 months. The sms mechanism directs supporters to the website –

Any person registering on the website stands a chance to win an incredible Rhino relocation experience. Then, for each vehicle sold at the participating dealerships, money is donated by the dealership to combat Rhino poaching. Each vehicle buyer is then crowned a HERO on the site. (List of participating dealerships can be found on

Ultimately, Unitrans VW and Audi’s Unite Against Poaching campaign is a cause worth supporting. Integrated Marketing Solutions and ADreach are therefore proud not only to be a part of it but to help shape the great success it has already achieved.

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