South Africa: More poaching at Krugersdorp Game Reserve

by Feb 4, 2010Habitat News, Rhino Poaching

Poachers struck at the Krugersdorp Game Reserve for the second time in the past three months. Illegal hunters killed two white rhino on Friday, which brings the number of deaths at the hands of poachers at the reserve to three in as many months.

In the latest attack, poachers cut the horns from two rhino.

Both animals bled to death, and police are investigating the possibility that the same poachers were behind both incidents.

Phillip van Rooyen works with the reserve said the poachers darted the animals from the air before landing and cutting off their horns.

“We’ve got reason to believe that it’s a small chopper they used. They darted them with home made darts, and obviously the rhino woke up and bled to death,” he said.