South Africa: Lindt Helps Save the Riverine Rabbit

by Mar 16, 2012Wildlife News

One of South Africa’s most endangered mammals, the Riverine Rabbit will again receive a helping hand from Lindt Master Chocolatiers when it donates a percentage of sales from their Lindt Gold Easter Bunnies to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) Riverine Rabbit Programme 2012.

Last year Lindt donated R250 000 from Easter sales of the Lindt Gold Bunny to the EWT Programme as well as adopting a rabbit – affectionately called Lindor-Balls – in an on-going EWT research project to establish the rabbit’s survival on restored riverine veld near Loxton in the Karoo.

One of world’s rarest mammals

Endemic to the Karoo and one of the world’s rarest mammals, research has determined that the only way to secure the Riverine Rabbit’s long term survival is through protection of natural habitat. “Last year, along with proceeds being directed to the EWT programme, significant awareness generated by the Lindt campaign also resulted in more contributions by the public. Awareness-raising, fund-raising, improved knowledge and habitat have all resulted in bettering riverine rabbit conservation,” says the EWT’s manager of the Riverine Rabbit Programme, Christy Bragg.