SanWild: Please help protect our rhinos againts poaching

by May 13, 2010Rhinos

Rhino poaching in South Africa is out of control with more than 70 animals slaughtered in the most horrific way imaginable since January 2010 to date.

Highly active criminal syndicates exploit the failing justice and conservation systems and indiscriminately slaughter pregnant females, calves and bulls. Highly sophisticated and well equipped with immobilizing guns and helicopters the criminals go about their ghastly task of darting innocent and defenseless animals from the air, land their helicopters and then cut off their horns leaving the highly drugged animals to simply bleed to death. Those that do manage to come out from over dosed drugged sleep suffer horribly until they are found by rangers and park management who have little other choice than to destroy the animals to end their suffering.


And we desperate ask for your urgent donations to help us train and appoint 6 rhino guards to follow our rhinos day and night until this horrible crisis can be adverted and the police and conservation officials that form part of a special task force initiated weeks ago and arrest the offenders and break the criminal syndicates.

We have already implanted micro chips and GPS tracking devices in the rhinos horns, but armed guards is urgently needed.

Kindly please make an urgent donation to us to help fund the guards’ training and salaries.

On-line credit card donations can be made via our interactive website at Use the dropdown box to find RHINO GUARDS. You can also donate by means of a direct internet or bank transfer. Our banking details are:


Account number 9111221180

Branch Code 334349

Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Iban Code: ZA632005


You may also choose to not make a donation, but would rather visit SanWild at a huge discounted rate and come and meet our rhinos and the guards that work day and night to protect them.

In order for us to raise the required funding urgently as time is truly of the essence, we will be offering a special discounted rate at our main Savannah Private Bush Camp for only R875.00 per person per night fully inclusive of breakfast, light lunch and supper. Our normal rates are R1500 per person per night. Game drives are also included.

You can also choose to rather book our Bukisa luxury tented camp and cater for yourselves. The camp can accommodate groups of up to 8 people at any given time and our rates for this self-catering camp named after a large elephant bull is set at R5000.00 per day for the entire camp. However for this special offer you can book Bukisa camp along with a group of friends at R3000.00 per day.

To make use of any of these very special (not to be repeated soon) offers, please email Lizel Kachelhoffer on without delay as only a limited number of beds are available at this great discounted rate. Your booking must be made and paid up in full by the 31st of May 2010, but you may take up your accommodation anytime from today until the 31st May 2011 – obviously subject to availability.