Namibia: Public Keeps Hoaruseb Lion Issue Hot

by Aug 11, 2011Big Cats

THE Facebook group “Who killed our Lions?” which was created in the aftermath of the Hoaruseb lioness killings, has collected close to N$20 000 in aid of lion conservation in Namibia during the past month.

The group’s numbers continue to hover at around 5 000 people who are adamant about keeping the issue of the lion killings alive and kicking, and have demanded in various forums that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) “needs to act” to bring the culprits to justice.

In an open letter to the Ministry the group stated that the funds collected by the group will be “channelled into nature conservation, education about nature as well as research in order to give nature a genuine chance of survival”.

One of the primary short term goals of the group, according to the open letter, is a request to MET to “make an open and transparent statement on the matter” in which the issue of poisoning is discussed in regard to existing national policies on human wildlife conflict management.

“Knowing what exactly occurred, what the motives of the people involved were, could well lead to understanding and steps taken that will turn this negative into a positive”, the group’s statement reads.

In the letter, the “Who killed our Lions” members point out that MET’s handling of the incident could place Namibia “at the forefront of conservation by demonstrating how problems are turned into solutions that aid conservation”.

According to the group’s members, various attempts to contact the MET have failed to date.

The next step is the official launch of a website, through which the group hopes to continue to grow desert lion conservation efforts.