Namibia: Etosha Lions Still On the Loose

by Jun 24, 2010Big Cats

FARMERS in the Chamcham and Mangetti areas of the Oshikoto Region claim that lions from the Etosha National Park have killed 10 more of their cattle.

Two weeks ago, lions had killed six cattle in the Mangetti area, the farmers said.

Unconfirmed rumours have it that two cattle herders in the Mangetti east area were killed by lions over the weekend.

The farmers have threatened to start shooting the lions if the Ministry of Environment and Tourism did not remove them from the farming areas.

The Chief Control Warden of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the North, Chrispin Nkonkuena, confirmed to The Namibian that three lions had been spotted in the Oshivelo, Omuthiya and Mangetti areas and had killed cattle there.

He said officials were trying to locate the lions to return them to Etosha. They were also investigating the reports of San cattle herders being attacked by lions, he said.