Namibia: Celebrating 45 Years of Environmental Wildlife Society

by Sep 29, 2011Wildlife News

The Namibian Environmental Wildlife Society (NEWS) has successfully accomplished 45 years of actively spreading environmental conservation information in Namibia.

The society’s story began in 1966 as the Namibian version of the Wildlife Society of South Africa and became autonomous in 1997 as the Wildlife Society of Namibia.

Together with the celebration of the society’s 40th anniversary under the motto of ‘Searching for the Future’, the name ‘News’ emerged – and stands as its current moniker today.

News is the largest membership based non-profit conservation organisation in Namibia. Regular public talks, outdoor outings and activities together with the publication of the bi-annual Roan NEWS magazine are the main membership benefits that largely contribute to the flow of information about the country’s current environmental topics.

One of News partners, the Namib Rand Environmental Trust produces the Bush Telegraph magazine that reaches out to the youth with the aim of teaching sustainable living through the use of natural resources and is included in the Roan News.

News strives towards addressing development, social issues and economic disparities in the country and through positive communication the society’s mission is to achieve a healthy balance between the environment and people by advocating wise and appropriate protection of Namibia’s natural resources through promoting sustainable development.