Malawi: Lions to return to Majete

by Jun 12, 2012Big Cats, Wildlife News

In August 2012 Majete Wildlife Reserve will become the proud recipient of four lions from South Africa, completing the return of the “Big Five” to this iconic reserve situated in Malawi’s lower Shire River valley.

The reintroduction of lions marks a significant milestone in the rehabilitation of the 70 000 hectare reserve. Historically lions were considered to be common in the Lower Shire Valley but by the early 1960s scouts in Majete were recording only one lion every 100 patrol days. Over the years poaching took its toll and there have been no reports of lions in the region since the 1980s.

The non-profit organisation African Parks has been systematically resurrecting Majete since assuming management of the park in 2003. Over the past nine years the park has been fenced, infrastructure developed and 2,554 animals from 13 different species have been reintroduced. The safety that the perimeter fence and law enforcement programmes provides and the abundance of prey has now created an environment within which lions can once again thrive.

In August 2012 two male and two female lions provided by the North West Parks and Tourism Board in South Africa will be introduced to Majete. There are no suitable lion populations available in Malawi so they have to be sourced from South Africa. Healthy animals at the beginning of their reproductive lives will be selected from Pilanesberg National Park and Madikwe Game Reserve for the operation. The intricate relocation process will involve weeks of quarantine on both sides of the border and this will be a costly operation with holding facilities having to be erected and flights chartered to transport the predators to their new home.

These costs are generously being sponsored by Robin Pope Safaris, a concessionaire at Majete which owns and operates the luxury Mkulumadzi Lodge. Robin Pope Safaris is a well-established photographic safari operator in Zambia and Malawi. Their properties offer personalised and unforgettable safari experiences in remote wilderness settings.

The reintroduction of lions to the Majete system will not only restore the park to a naturally functioning ecosystem but will also once again render Majete a “Big-5” reserve, as it already boasts the other four: elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard. With the opening of the luxury Mkulumadzi Lodge last year and new renovations completed at Thawale Lodge a tented lodge operated by African Parks, Majete’s future looks bright.

For more information please contact African Parks Majete Tel: 0999 521741 Email: Facebook