Kenya: Wildlife Groups Step Up Conservation in Isiolo

by Mar 17, 2011Wildlife News

Two wildlife conservation groups will soon merge their scouts in Isiolo to check on poaching and distribution of wildlife in the region. Scouts of Africa Wild Life Foundation and Northern Range Land Trust will jointly carry out mapping of the animals and address human-wildlife conflict.

Northern Range Land Trust community manager Tom Lalampa said the organisation will recruit 14 more scouts within Ngaremara and Gotu conservation area to monitor and collect information on wildlife distribution.

The trust is coordinating clusters of conservancy projects aimed at protecting wild animals and improving services to communities within their areas of operation.

Lalampa said the scouts will be equipped with communication gadgets, unipots, tents and binoculars to monitor on movement of wild animals in the conservation area.

He said the formation of the clusters in the conservation area will control grazing of livestock and address human and wildlife conflict. The clusters include Waso belt, Ngarendare, Sera Range, Tana region and Rift Valley regions among others.

He said the programme has improved livelihood of pastoralists in the area through sustainable use of natural resources.