Kenya: Sh2 Million Fence to Keep Off Laikipia Jumbos

by Mar 28, 2011Wildlife News

Laikipia West constituency has set aside Sh2 million for the installation of an electric fence around Marmanet forest to keep marauding elephants from farms.MP Nderitu Mureithi said the money will be sourced from the CDF kitty.

He said although the animals earn the country revenue through tourism, farmers have developed a negative attitude towards them because of the destruction they cause in their farms.

Muriithi said the elephants had been moved from Laikipia by the Kenya Wildlife Service, but moving them again will be bad for the county’s economy. He said it is time the residents realised the value of the wild animals and the benefits they will bring to the county.

The residents have volunteered to offer manual work during the installation of the fence. Muriithi was speaking at Oljabet trading centre during a meeting with his constituents. He urged leaders to play politics that will bring development to the country.

He said it is wrong for leaders to keep wrangling over petty issues as Kenyans, especially the youths languish in joblessness and poverty. Muriithi, who is also the assistant minister for Industrialisation reterated his stand on the ICC cases saying taking the post-election violence suspects to the Hague is propagating neocolonialism and compromising the country’s sovereignty.