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The EAGLE Network is looking for professionals with some experience of living and working in Africa.  We are looking for individuals with strong personal engagement and internal motivation to effect change in Africa through activism, fighting wildlife crime and corruption.
The position of Organization Development Officer is based in Nairobi with frequent long missions in Central and West Africa.  Salaries are modest.
The EAGLE Network operates in 9 African countries where it carries wildlife law enforcement operations that brought more than 1,000 traffickers to prison.

Ability to adapt to pressure and stress
Strong ability to think creatively and outside of the box
Self-sufficient, independent and able to travel alone in new regions
Strong resilience and perseverance until results are achieved
Experience in volunteering and strong personal value system and non-conformism
Some experience of living, travelling or working in Africa and outside it, liking diversity
Strong desire to effect change in society
Ability to speak French and English

Education and/or experience requested:

Experience and training in management and leadership, knowledge of methods of managing an NGO
Experience in managing a team in Africa (size about 10 people)
University education, knowledge of the issues of wildlife trade and nature conservation in Africa

Description of the position
The Organizational Development Officer is a proactive role, which is designed to support the Network Members and the EAGLE Network to succeed.  It is responsible for identifying and leading organizational development needs, undertaking personnel development both within the Network Members and across the Network and spearheading innovative initiatives that will enable the EAGLE Network to be successful in its mission to foster activism and take forward the fight against corruption.
Specifically the duties of the Organizational Development Officer are:

Proactively identify performance challenges and organizational development needs the teams of Network Members are facing and develop mechanisms and programs to enable Network Members to operate effectively and ensure ongoing execution of the EAGLE Program Model.
Proactively identify training, mentoring and personal and professional development needs of Network Members, Country Coordinators and Super-Volunteers, to enable them to operate effectively in their roles.
Based on best practices, develop toolkits and standards for Network Members to aid them undertake their work.
Actively work with coordinators and team members of Network members on implementing the developed toolkits, trainings and mentoring programs to ensure the development of each Network Member and The Network itself.
Support the EAGLE Network in the selection and development of high potential people, e.g., super-volunteers for crucial positions in the Network Members. Develop and operate a system that supports cross-border mobility of those people.
Help to prevent crises at an early stage on the basis of constant overall monitoring of Network Members and some type of Traffic Light system, as well as permanent contact with crucial Network Member stakeholders. In case of crises, support CC through personal attendance and the use of best practice intervention tools.
Spearhead innovative initiatives that will foster activism and take forward the fight against corruption.

Are you interested? Please send your CV and motivation letter to info@eagle-enforcement.org