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International Gorilla Conservation Programme

Conservation International (CI), Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and WWF wish to recruit a Director to lead the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP).

The International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP) is a coalition of three international conservation organizations: CI, FFI, and WWF. IGCP’s mission is to Secure the Future for Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei).

The programme operates in the three countries that share the habitat of the mountain gorilla – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda – and works in partnership with the Protected Area Authorities of the three countries (Institute Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature, ICCN, in DRC; Rwanda Development Board, RDB, in Rwanda; and Uganda Wildlife Authority, UWA, in Uganda) and the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC), the umbrella mechanism for transboundary collaboration. IGCP also maintains a large number of partnerships with civil society organizations, community-based organizations, research institutions, private sector and local government.

The IGCP Director will lead the long-term transboundary programme to continue the implementation of the strategic plan 2018-2024, spearhead a broader conservation action planning process together with a large number of partners and stakeholders, and help envision the future for the coalition programme.

Candidates must meet minimum requirements, have a demonstrated record of the required skills and competencies, and be excited about being based in Kigali, Rwanda, and with frequent travel within the mountain gorilla range States.

I.   Goal of the Position:

To provide leadership and direction on all aspects of the regional coalition programme.

II.   Major Functions:

The IGCP Director is responsible for all aspects of the regional coalition programme, including, but not limited to overall delivery and performance of IGCP’s program; strategic partnership and engagement with governmental, intergovernmental, civil society, research institutions and development partners; finance and administration; fundraising; and communication.

III.   Major Duties and Responsibilities:

The Director is responsible to the Coalition Board for the following specific major duties and responsibilities:

Strategic Delivery:

·       Take responsibility for the overall performance of IGCP’s program;

·            Ensure that IGCP commitments are in line with Coalition Members’ requirements throughout the planning and design phase of all initiatives;

·            Ensure that IGCP interventions are evidence-based and informed by current scientific knowledge;

·            Supervise the monitoring, evaluation and learning process within the programme and enable adaptive management of the implementation of the strategic plan;

·            Initiate and strengthen strategic partnerships in the interest of strategic programmatic delivery;

·            Increase the funds raised by IGCP to support strategic programmatic delivery;

·            Lead the development and review of strategic plans, and supervise the development of project proposals aligned to strategic objectives;

·            Routinely initiate, prepare and facilitate regular coordination meetings with the heads of Protected Area Authorities of the three range States, and the intergovernmental Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration.


·            Ensure IGCP’s compliance with its obligations under the IGCP Agreement;

·            Prepare the Annual Technical Advisory Group meeting with support from Coalition Focal Points;

·            Prepare and submit written reports to the Coalition Board, including quarterly status updates and management accounts;

·            Regularly report to the Coalition Board, and inform the Coalition Board immediately of any significant changes in the security, health or political context which could impact IGCP operations and recommend appropriate action;

·            Serve as secretary to the Coalition Board;

·            Serve as ex-officio member of two IGCP Coalition standing committees – Audit Committee and Social Safeguards Committee;

·            Ensure IGCP and its operations are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;

·            Ensure IGCP has adopted and complies with relevant Coalition Member policies;

·            Ensure anti-corruption and anti-money laundering rules are understood and complied with by the staff, vendors, partners and other contractors of IGCP.

Management and Administration:

·            Chair the IGCP Senior Management Team;

·            Oversee hiring and supervision of all IGCP staff;

·            Carry out the annual appraisal of IGCP staff;

·            Control, through the supervision of the Head of Finance and Administration, the finances of IGCP and its component projects;

·            Manage the independent audit of accounts of IGCP on an annual basis, together with the IGCP Coalition Audit Committee;

·            Supervise the preparation of the IGCP annual operating plan and budgets;

·            Ensure compliance with financial and administrative policies and procedures; and

·            Ensure compliance with all donor and other contractual arrangements (financial, reporting, etc.).


Fundraising and Communication:

·            Serve as the public face of IGCP;

·            Promote and raise the profile of IGCP nationally and internationally;

·            Raise awareness locally and globally of the urgency and importance of the work of the IGCP, including advocacy campaigns on key issues;

·            Develop fundraising strategies and an annual fundraising plan, in coordination with the Coalition Members;

·            Write proposals and facilitate the coordination of fundraising activities among Coalition Members together with Focal Points; and

·            Liaise and manage relationships with champions and donors of IGCP.


Required Qualifications

  •  MSc, MBA, MPA, or equivalent in relevant field; PhD is an added advantage;
  • ·At least ten (10) years’ experience in senior management position;
  • At least five (5) years’ experience in raising and managing organizational budgets of at least 1 million USD annually;
  • Current or emerging leader in integrated and/or transboundary conservation approaches and initiatives; and
  • Bilingual English and French required; Kiswahili or another regional language is an added advantage.
  • Required Skills and Competencies
  • High level of personal integrity and professionalism, ability to serve as a role model for IGCP staff and partners;
  • Senior experience with international and/or transboundary initiatives; and
  • Demonstrated competencies:

o   Leading organizational change;

o   Policy engagement and advocacy;

o   Managing complex, multi-cultural, and potentially conflictual partnerships;

o   Public and donor relations;

o   People and financial management; and

o   Facilitation and negotiation.

V.     Working Relationships:


The IGCP Director will report to the Coalition Board, work closely with coalition technical and administrative counterparts, chair and supervise the members of the Senior Management Team, and creates the enabling environment and sets the tone for the organizational culture within IGCP.


The IGCP Director is the public face of IGCP and engages at senior level with various project partners, stakeholders, donors, and the public through the media or other events or forum.

VI.     Travel:

To perform the duties of this position, the IGCP Director will spend an estimated 30-40% of his/her time in the field in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, or internationally as needed, to fulfil the duties of the position of IGCP Director.

Nationality: Not restricted

IGCP is an equal opportunity employer and has a zero-tolerance policy toward fraud and corruption.