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Upemba National Park, with legal protection since 1939, is one of the oldest in Africa. The park is linked to Kundelungu National Park and a number of game reserves, together forming a massive mosaic of protected areas. Upemba boasts a wide diversity of habitats, including a full transitional gradient from highland steppe through miombo woodland to both wooded and grassland savannah. There are numerous rivers, waterfalls, wetlands and gallery forests.  The Lufira River and Lake Upemba, both within park boundaries, form a critical watershed for the region as well as the source of the mighty Congo River. The Congolese Wildlife Authority (ICCN) has appointed a Park Director to manage Upemba and has recently signed a Private-Public Partnership with the Forgotten Parks Foundation (FPF) delegating management responsibility to the Foundation for the next 15 years. Under this agreement Forgotten Parks is responsible for the management, monitoring and protection of the park, as well as for developing sustainable financing mechanisms to meet the on-going management costs.

Location: Lusinga Headquarters, Upemba National Park, DR-Congo
Reports to: Park Director
Starting date: 15th January 2023
Duration:  The position is initially for 1 year with the prospect of an extension


The Planning Monitoring and Évaluation Head is placed under the authority of the Executive Director of Forgotten Parks Foundation (FPF) which is based in Lusinga, Upemba National Park. He coordinates the monitoring and evaluation system for the planning and implementation of FPF/ICCN activities in collaboration with his hierarchy and the other members of the FPF and ICCN team.

Its mission is to:

  • Technically assist the Executive Director;
  • Supervise the teams of the following programs to achieve the annual objectives:
  1. Planning Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Geographic Information System (GIS)

Placed under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of Forgotten Parks Foundation (FPF) / Site Manager of Upemba National Park.


The PME Head is responsible for developing the monitoring and evaluation plan and its integration into the overall program plan and its logical framework, setting up an updated database, monitoring the IMET process , supervising and developing work plans (annual, half-yearly, quarterly), as well as writing reports (annual, half-yearly, quarterly).

The PME Head will assume the following functions:

    • Ensure the implementation and improvement of the project monitoring and evaluation system and ensure their daily management;
    • Follow-up and guidance from the IMET process
    • Implementation of program indicators and mentoring of program managers
    • Identify difficulties encountered in the implementation of program activities and participate in the application of corrective measures;
    • Periodically report to program managers on the progress of program activities.
    • Ensure the regularity of reports and follow-up reports from the Upemba team;
    • Exploit and consolidate the reports submitted by the Upemba team and participate in feedback in collaboration with the Executive Director;
    • Consolidate data in team reports and minutes to produce periodic monitoring and evaluation reports (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual);
    • Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of programmatic performance of projects and those of team members, periodically analyze deviations and propose corrections and changes if necessary;
  • Manage and update the project database;
  • Track IMET data;
  • Finalize and periodically update monitoring indicators
  • Ensure data quality assurance.
  • Participate in the preparation of technical Site coordination meetings ( Upemba);
  • Organize workshops and planning meetings, (annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly), COCOSI, PAG, etc.
  • Train and supervise the program team in the areas of planning and monitoring-evaluation and production of planning, monitoring and reporting materials and tools;
  • Support the organization of field supervision, monitoring and control missions;
  • Participate in the various internal consultation frameworks (technical meetings, workshops, training);
  • Ensure program documentation, periodic backup of program files and reference documents
  • Ensure the drafting of minutes of team meetings.

The PME Head will actively participate in the drafting of the following documents:

  • Development and Management Plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Periodic monitoring and evaluation reports
  • IMET process (annual)
  • Contribute to licensing ArcGIS 10x software for FPF
  • Create maps of FPF activities to insert in reports,
  • Assist the LAB / Biomonitoring team in updating and managing the Upemba National Park database.
  • Assist the team with the implementation of the Earth Ranger system;
  • Encourage ICCN/FPF to use PAM/IMET.
  1. Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Ideally, an advanced level university degree (Master’s level or above) in Information Management, Statistics, Economics;
  • Depending on the field activity’s significant prior experience in conservation and development work with increasing responsibility in the conservation sector;
  • Excellent communication and technical skills in French and English;
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience.
  • Good knowledge of participatory methodologies and skills in monitoring and evaluation;
  • Experience designing and managing monitoring and database systems;
  • Experience in strategic planning and performance measurement, including indicator selection, target setting, reporting, database management, and developing M&E and performance monitoring plans;
  • IT literate with experience of using database and knowledge of statistical software;
  • Ability to encourage consensus, coalition building and provide input to Upemba’s strategic pathways.
  • Have an understanding of the conservation sector in Africa.

Your Application:  Please send your application including a cover letter and a chronological CV in PDF format to jobs@forgottenparks.orgtina.lain@forgottenparks.org

The cover letter will be used to judge the quality of your application.
Application deadline is  24th December, 2022 and references should accompany your application 

Note on Security:  Katanga is a relatively safe area compared with the rest of the DRC, and we take personal security seriously.  You will receive a security brief on acceptance of the position.