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EAGLE Network

We are looking for individuals with the right skills and qualities developed from professional experience, training background and a passion for activism who have a strong personal engagement and internal motivation. You will need to have some experience of living, travelling or working in Africa, flexibility, the ability to work long hours at short notice and to endure stress.

The EAGLE Network operates in 8 African countries where it carries out wildlife law enforcement operations that has brought more than 2,000 traffickers to prison.

Essential conditions for the position:

  • Expert in undercover investigations
  • Ability to train and build capacity of trainee investigation agents
  • Analytical and creative thinking
  • Ability to infiltrate a region without compromising your cover
  • Responsible for carving and implementing strategies for undercover investigations
  • Ability to adapt to circumstances and situations using street knowledge
  • Tenacity to achieve expected results
  • Adept at recognising, distinguishing, following and tracking investigative leads
  • Experience in volunteering and strong personal value system, non-conformism
  • Strong desire to effect change in society
  • Experience living, travelling or working in Africa and outside it, appreciating diversity
  • Good internet and/or technological experience
  • Practical experience in the use of modern day surveillance gadgets
  • Leading and building a team of undercover investigators
  • Ability to speak English and French

Are you interested? Please send your CV and motivation letter to info@eagle-enforcement.org