Green Zambezi Alliance Launch and Africa Green Fund Fundraiser

by Oct 28, 2010Wildlife News

Years of economic instability in Zimbabwe has had a devastating impact on the environment. The collapse of the commercial farming industry, poverty, indiscriminate slaughter and poaching of wildlife, wide scale deforestation and poor farming methods, have contributed to the critical state of our natural resources and wildlife. If we do not act now, there will be no legacy for future generations.

The need for a holistic, long term environmental management plan to address these critical issues inspired the formation by Environment Africa’s CEO, Charlene Hewat, of the Green Zambezi Alliance (GZA); a trans-boundary environmental management initiative which will open the way for long term conservation strategies to protect and conserve the regions on both sides of the Zambezi River, unique in its biodiversity.

The GZA Green Zambezi Alliance, will embrace the successful model of PPCP’s, a Public Private Community Partnership approach to conservation and communities in the Zambezi Valley. The commitment and participation of all stakeholders is imperative for its success. Environment Africa, an NGO which has a 20 year track record of commitment to environmental conservation and to empowering communities to be self sustaining in harmony with our unique natural resources, will be a facilitating partner in laying the foundations for projects and programs together with strategic partners.

We already have a core group of partners actively working towards protecting, conserving, and restoring our devastated wildlife stocks. Collectively with the Tikki Hywood Trust, we are currently setting up wildlife environment protection units WEPU, together with wildlife breeding sanctuaries to re stock areas and gene pools within the GZA, including our beloved endangered black rhino. We are making this possible by building Community Based Projects with a business approach of moving from AID to TRADE, in line with our principle of self sustainability. We will also be launching the innovative ‘Buy an African Green Acre’ which will work together with local Green Funds in localised areas.

The Green Ball is the inaugural launch of our first project, the Songo Wildlife Management Area and the Sengwa Wildlife Sanctuary. These two areas together represent over 280000 acres within the Binga district and 22kms of Kariba lake frontage. This beautiful piece of paradise, was once home to 1500 buffalo, sadly these numbers are now down to less than 100, impala were around 10,000, today, there are less than 80 and the one of harshest realities, is that lion no longer exist in this area!

We could turn a blind eye to the uncomfortable truth, but we choose not to. As Environment Africa, we call on all fellow Zimbabweans to stand together, to take collective responsibility. We are a proud nation and together we can rebuild, restore and preserve this beautiful country of ours, but we cannot do it alone.

We appeal for your support in this initiative and extend an invitation to your Organisation to attend the official Launch of the GZA at the Green Ball, 13 Nov 2010 and would ask that you please buy a table for 10 people.

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