Google Earth and The Lost Forest of Mount Mabu, Mozambique

by Nov 8, 2013Forest, Habitat News

Intrepid scientist and explorer Dr. Julian Bayliss discovers a hidden rainforest, home to more than 12 new species, deep in the heart of Mozambique, using Google Earth.

Dr Julian Bayliss, Department of Zoology – University of Cambridge, made a remarkable ecological discovery when researching parts of Mozambique using Google Earth.

He stumbled across a previously unknown patch of deep green forest. Mount Mabu is now considered to be the largest medium altitude rainforest in South Africa with new species being discovered on every new expedition.

Scientists are hailing the discovery of the patch of rainforest in northern Mozambique as one of the most significant finds in years.

Google have made a film about this showing how talented creative people are using the web to do amazing things. The message… to ‘search on’.