Good News for Elephants at CITES

by Apr 7, 2010Elephants

Over the past few weeks we asked members of the public to sign the petition at, or at calling on the Parties to CITES to reject any proposals for trade in ivory and to support improved protection for elephants.


Thank you for responding! Altogether, over 500,000 people answered our call to help the elephants. This resounding show of support was presented to delegates of the African Elephant Coalition who represent the majority of African Elephant Range States – see

As I stated, “Three hours later, the CITES votes had been cast and delegates had rejected proposals which would have permitted sales of thousands of kilos of stockpiled ivory. The voice of the people and the voice of Africa had been heard loud and clear!”

We could never have done it without you!

To read the latest, please see our last update on elephants at CITES at .

The website will be updated regularly so please visit us again soon and if you have any friends and relations who you think would like to join you in saving Africa’s elephants send them to

Many thanks again!

Yours for the elephants,

Will Travers
CEO Born Free Foundation

PS Thousands of Africa’s elephants are in urgent need of protection (see ) and every £ or $ or Euro you send us will make a real difference.