Ethiopia: Woreda Nurturing Nine Million Tree Seedlings

by Mar 23, 2012Wildlife News

Dangila Zuriya Woreda — Over nine million tree seedlings are being nurtured in Dangila Zuriya Woreda of Awi Zone in Amhara State during the current Ethiopian budget year, the woreda agriculture office said.

Natural resource development work process coordinator with the office, Walelign Desalegn told ENA that the seedlings will be transplanted on depleted areas in the coming main rainy season.

Walelign said the seedlings are being nurtured at more than 370 seedling nurturing stations.

More than 2.7 million of the seedlings are indigenous.

The total number of seedlings being nurtured at present surpassed by over 1.7 million that of the number of seedlings transplanted during the previous main rainy season.

Some 85 per cent of the over 7.4 million seedlings transplanted during the previous main rainy season have already taken roots, the coordinator said.