Eritrea: Serious action to be taken to prevent forestry and wildlife destruction in Gash-Barka region

by Jan 4, 2011Forest

The Administrator of Gash-Barka region, Mr. Mussa Rab’a, said that serious control mechanism would be introduced towards combating the destruction of forestry and wildlife resources in different parts of the region. He made the remarks in a workshop conducted in Baretnu focusing on the protection of forestry and wildlife resources.

Mr. Mussa further explained that wildlife and old trees of vital significance along the banks of small and major rivers in the region continue to be destroyed in a reckless and irresponsible manner, and as such they are at a very critical stage. In this respect, the Administrator urged government institutions and associations in general and administrative areas and villages in particular to step up contribution in putting an end to such irresponsible practices.

Noting that administrative areas are duty-bound to apply the necessary punitive measures against individuals involved in such illegal activities, Mr. Mussa called on all villages in the region to work diligently for the safety of forestry and wildlife resources.

The reasons for the destruction of such resources include use of wood fire as alternative energy, construction of buildings, unsafe utilization of vegetable farming and rain-fed farming activities, illegal hunting activities, fire accidents and the like.