Eritrea: Public Awareness Vital for Preserving Wildlife

by Aug 23, 2010Wildlife News

Asmara — Pointing out that it is natural for wildlife to migrate if their habitat is destroyed, he called on the public at large to play its due role in maintaining the natural shelter of wildlife and avoid cutting trees. Mr. Hagos further explained the negative impact of irresponsible hunting in declining the number of wildlife.

As regards to the general condition of wildlife in the country in relation with the thin spread of vegetation, Mr. Hagos said that the wildlife in the country are in relatively good state. He also commended the culture of conserving wildlife exhibited by Afar ethnic group in the Northern and Southern regions, and that such practices should be taken as an example.

Mr. Hagos finally disclosed that there is plan to reserve areas in La’alay Gash sub-zone around Antore and Haikota so as to conserve the growing number of elephants in Gash-Barka region.