Eritrea: Minister Emphasizes More Action Against Deforestation and Wildlife Destruction

by Jan 29, 2011Forest

Asmara — The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, emphasized the need for playing enhanced role on the part of ministries, administrative bodies and village elders so as to prevent deforestation and wildlife destruction which are becoming issues of serious concern.

Speaking at an assessment meeting from January 27 to 28, the Minister pointed out that the initiatives taken by the Southern regional Administration last year to prevent deforestation was quite fruitful that needs to be emulated by other administrative regions.

He further highlighted the need for taking concerted action in cultivating animal green feed as it has vital role to play in boosting milk production. Mr. Arefaine also noted the significance of properly utilizing select seeds in raising fruits and vegetables output.

Reports presented at the meeting indicated that sufficient land plots were put under cultivation in 2010 as a result of good rainy season, and that extensive vaccination campaign was undertaken to ensure animal health. Commendable tasks have also been carried out in soil and water conservation.

Noting that the studies conducted in the Halhal National Agricultural Research Institute have borne encouraging outcome, the reports outlined the significance of various development activities in boosting production including terraces, canals, reserve land and Summer Work Program, among others.

The participants of the meeting adopted a number of resolutions and recommendations aimed at combating deforestation and wildlife extinction.