Eritrea: General Public Called Upon to Enhance Participation in Promoting Reforestation And Wildlife Resouces

by Sep 11, 2010Forest

Asmara — The Ministry of Agriculture urged the entire society to enhance contribution in preserving vegetation and ensuring the sustainability of wildlife resource taking into account the negative consequence that deforestation entails on the environment.

The head of natural resource preservation branch in the Ministry, Mr. Estifanos Beyin, indicated that about 11 million quintals of wood are destroyed annually for domestic energy consumption which has adverse consequences in climatic change and desertification. In this regard, he called on the general public to apply judicious utilization of wood.

He noted that the Ministry adopted Proclamation No. 155/2006 and two legal notices in 2006 regarding preservation of forestation and wildlife in a bid to harness such resources in a manner that ensures sustainable benefit for the people and the nation.

The coordinator of community-based reforestation program, Mr. Fikreyesus Gilai, said on his part that over 90 million tree seedlings have been planted in different areas covering over 30,000 hectares. Greening campaign has also been launched in 2006 with a view to inculcating the habit of planting tree seedlings in every national in such a way that fosters community-based reforestation activities.

Likewise, Mr. Hagos Yohannes, head of the vegetation and wildlife unit in the Ministry, pointed out that the number of wild animals continues to grow, and called on the society to enhance participation in efforts to preserve and promote forestation.

Similarly, the head of forestation and wildlife control unit, Lt. Colonel Habtegergish Sium, explained that the necessary measures are being taken against individuals engaging in illegal cutting down of trees and called on the public to step up contribution in this regard.