Conservation Education Materials

Rhino Poaching Factsheet

Rhino poaching, in South Africa alone, now accounts for 1.6 animals per day. This comes down to 1 rhino poached every 15 hours. More than 550 rhino will die annually if current poaching rates continue. Rhino poaching has increased with 4000% in South Africa between 2007 and 2012. (Factsheet Design: Anthony Roberts, ZED Creative)

Elephant Poaching Factsheet

CITES Secretariat’s programme for Monitoring the Illegal killing of Elephants (MIKE) warns of an ongoing increase in levels of elephant poaching since 2006, with 2011 displaying the highest levels of poaching since MIKE records began. Poaching levels are now clearly increasing in all African subregions. Central Africa continues to display the highest levels of elephant poaching. The current level is believed to be the threshold above which elephant populations are in net decline. (Factsheet Design: Anthony Roberts, ZED Creative)

Cross River Gorilla Infographic

A global petition signed by 75,000 people through Care2 and Avaaz was hand-delivered to Ngolle Phillipe Ngwese, a Cameroonian politician, currently serving in the government of Cameroon as Minister of Forestry and Wildlife. 75,000 signatures equals one person speaking out for Cross River gorillas every 7 minutes for one year! You can join the Cross River Gorilla Programme as a volunteer. Please sign up now.