Changing the Game: “Wild Earth”, a mobile game with a mission

by Mar 21, 2015Wildlife News

Melbourne-based wildlife conservation organisation, My Green World is set to take the world by storm; changing the way the world connects with wildlife, environmental and animal welfare issues. The start-up organisation, launched in 2013 by Melbourne-based animal activist, Natalie Kyriacou, is preparing for the launch of a charity-backed mobile game application that will allow users to participate in real-world wildlife conservation and habitat restoration scenarios.

Partnered with 16 local and international non-profit organisations, My Green World expects to be a game changer in wildlife conservation and online activism, which will revolutionise the way people connect with environmental and wildlife conservation issues, empowering the global community while simultaneously transforming gaming culture and restoring the natural world.

“Current models of mobile games are focused on destruction and demolition, or otherwise have a strong ‘zoo’ focus, glamourising wildlife in captivity. Users spend hours each day playing games with no actual value, so why not give them a game with charitable and educational values? My Green World will educate and mobilise millions of people around the world so that they can make a difference in a fun and interactive way,” says Director, Natalie Kyriacou.

My Green World’s mobile game application will give users the opportunity to learn about endangered, exploited, and abused animals and environments and make donations to affiliated organisations, all while nursing their digital representations back to health in a personalised rehabilitation and environment-building centre. 

My Green World animals

Each animal within the mobile application represents a real life charity. The African Conservation Foundation is represented by the gorilla and the lion. Funds raised through the My Green World game will be used to establish new reserves, train local rangers and anti-poaching teams and educate communities and schoolchildren about the importance of protecting these species for current and future generations.

My Green World gorilla