Cameroon: NGO urges parliament to fund environmental education

by May 26, 2012Wildlife News

The International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development, ICENECDEV, has urged parliament to encourage and fund environmental education in Cameroon.

According to the Non-Governmental Organisation, parliament needs to table bills that will support and fund environmental programs that have recently been introduced in the Cameroon educational system.

The NGO revealed that the introduction of these environmental programs in Cameroon’s educational system is intended to rescue the country’s educational system from crumbling and becoming extraneous. This information is contained in a press release signed by the executive director of the organization, Eric Fongoh.

According to the release, ICENEDEV has over the years, empowered local teachers on environmental programs in all 10 regions of the country, before mounting pressure on the Government to include the programs in the country’s educational system.

The NGO decried the fast that, in spite of the services it has rendered to Cameroonians over the years on environmental educational program, the Biya administration has done nothing to support and encourage the programs.

The ICENECDEV Executive Director argues that the inclusion of these programs in the school curriculum will promote green careers, life-long education and environmental stewardship, in an age of increasing change and complexity

The organization thinks that Cameroon needs to endow and arm the present generation of youth with necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the 21st century. ICENECDEV argue that environment education is imperative, as it would help to prepare the nation’s youth for a myriad of present day and future economics security and environmental challenges.

ICENECDEV has also been active in environmental protection fighting against the destruction of forests for fuel wood. In this vein, the NGO has been distributing and promoting the use of forests saving stoves (FSS) which are fuel-efficient stoves, in order to advocate for better strategies, methodologies and policies to save the mount Cameroon Forest. As part of activities in this advocacy, ICENECDEV carried out a field research in collaboration Dorien Dieex, a volunteer from Livebuild Foundation Netherlands, in four villages around the mount Cameroon forest region, sampling 100 local inhabitants in the Muea community, Bonduma/Bokoko village, Bolifamba community and Bokwai villages in Buea and came out with valuable findings.

ICENECDEV is, thus, advocating for the increase in the use of alternative energy sources and decrease in reliance on fuel wood and forest depletion around the Mount Cameroon are and Cameroon in general.