Angola: Governor Concerned Over Illegal Logging By Congolese

by Jan 31, 2011Wildlife News

Cabinda — The governor of Cabinda province, João Baptista Mawete, expressed concern, at the weekend, over illegal exploration of timber in Angola, by citizens from the Republic of Congo.

Speaking to the press at the end of a field visit to the municipality of Buco Zau, the governor said he is aware of violations of the national border by Congolese citizens, who have been illegally exploiting timber into the Angolan side of the forest of Maiombe.

He urged the defence and security forces for heightened vigilance in the protection of national borders and natural resources.

“It is your responsibility to take care of the area as saying the late president Agostinho Neto, we defend every inch of our land, that is not a square inch can be occupied by those who are not Angolans,” the governor said.